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About Us

What is SALLYLL?

 As a company we always had a tremendous interest to make newest trends to become the best of all.  Sallyll is your one stop source for better quality fashion products at unexpected prices. Making our customers look amazing and confident is our final goal.

At Sallyll, you can enjoy trendy fashion all the time. Features of Sallyll include, but are not limited to:

  • We are a factory-direct shopping platform. Since we have our own manufacturer to produce the clothes, you can get a lower than usual B2B price at this B2C online shopping platform
  • Prices are 50-80% cheaper than local boutiques and other online shops
  • We care about quality control
  • We update our styles daily
  • We collect information about women's fashion, then design and manufacture trendy products as soon as possible




  • We deliver the trendiest fashion clothing to you before it is available on other shopping platforms
  • We give our designers your fashion ideas. You may see clothes that incorporate your designing concepts in the next propaganda
  • We give you the ability to share your style with your friends. We help you to be the fashion idol at school
  • We provide secure payment methods, such as PayPal, and credit cards.
  • We give out coupons at sign-ups and more events are coming up
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